Thank you to all our past and present Elite Cheer families and athletes that have taken time out to either write a review on the internet or posted positive feedback on one of Facebook pages.  We appreciate each and everyone of you and love that you are part of our Elite Cheer family.  Here are some testimonials about ELITE CHEER MICHIGAN and their owner Lea Hebert.
Ania Blarek - I love Elite!! Been there for 3 years and couldn’t find any better cheer gym for our girls!! My oldest one just learn huge milestone and we noticed yesterday!! So proud of her , The owner Lea is the best owner and coach you could dream of she takes her own personal time to make sure her athlete is take care of and she treat them like her own kids.

Erika Woollams - Lea Hebert and the entire staff at Elite are the best! This is my daughter's first year at Elite and she was welcomed in to the family like she's always been there! The training, support, and care given to each athlete is second to none!

Katie D - My daughter has been at Elite since she was 2.5. She loves it! The dedication to building successful teams and individuals is inspiring.

Monica Maier - They are a great program and put a lot of time and effort into the kid’s performance to make sure that they are the best they can be.

Laura Deitz - This is more than just a gym, it Is so much more than that. For me this has been the village that helps me to raise my children. My family has been with Elite for 8 years now. I have had the pleasure of working with Elite on many different levels. Over these 8 years I have watched my girls develop skills and life's lessons through this sport. They have learned to win and how to lose. They have learned to find their strength when they think they have no strength left. Some of my most cherished memories with my daughters have been made within this sport. We have made some lifetime friends during this journey as well.

Rebecca Niedling - The best cheer program in Michigan!!!

Amy Tarquinio Gwizdala - Being a part of the Elite Cheer Michigan family was a truly wonderful experience. I treasure all the memories created with Grace, the friendships we’ve made, the amazing competitions and of course, being a part of a program that always had their athletes’ best interests first. We miss everyone and can’t wait to see what your teams will accomplish this season. Congratulations, on all of your success, Lea! We will always be Elite

Marissa Bradfield - I may be gone but the gym definitely made an impact in my life, the experiences that I made at the gym and the friends I’ve made. It was priceless, a trophy meant nothing at the end of the season. At the end of the season all that mattered was how much we grew throughout the season as a team and individuals. Love you always Lea, thank you for being a mother and a coach to me from the time I was 3 to this day. I’m incredibly proud to say I was a part of Elite cheer.

Mary McGuire Novak - Congratulations on all of your successes and the love you have learned from the hard times and the good. You are an AMAZING coach and mentor to my daughter and every athlete that is blessed to be a part of your program. Coming to Elite, was a big and scary change for us after years of Allstar elsewhere. We felt the love from Kimberly Platevoet (when we were so sad and afraid) welcoming us in your front door... Then YOU.... embracing Kaleigh (not going to cry here) and all the love of your families. Thank you ... from the moment Kaleigh walked in your doors. She is happy ALWAYS. She misses you and the gym when she is away.  She has learned so much and been given so many opportunities in the sport she truly loves. To have so many parents and fellow athletes reach out to our "new" family is a testament to the organization that you have made. Such a gift to this sport. We appreciate you and love you more than you know. THANK YOU!!! . Proud of you lady!! Thanks for taking us along on such an amazing ride.

Laura Szymanski - I am blessed to know you Lea Hebert!

Kristal Morang - We love being Elite!

TD Pryor-Ross - If your child is a hard-working and dedicated athlete that wants to excel and win big....this is the absolute best cheer family to join! This is an outstanding organization.

June Hotchkiss – Lea Hebert, you are responsible for much joy in my granddaughter’s life. She is strong both physically and mentally! Elite is a blessing to all that are attached to it as competitors, parents and families. That blessing is very evident in the numerous years of Champions!!
Christina Pratt - Starting Elite changed my life.... It is such an amazing company and we are all very thankful for you coach lea!!!!!!

Jennifer Compton-Kane - We are beyond sad this is our last year. Having been part of Elite since she was 4, she has truly learned so many valuable life lessons that she will continue to use, even when she's "retired". Truly thankful and blessed to have been a part of such a great program and I cherish the memories and friendships that J and I have made.

Janis Winkup Bortolotti - The two years Grayson Kaye and I were with the Elite family were so rewarding. We met wonderful people and Grayson learned so much from you and all the other great coaches she had. Your gym is a true Gem and you deserve all the accolades you have received.

Tanya Kotlarz Carper - What you’ve done is amazing!! I’m proud to say you’ve been my friend since before it all started, and thankfully you get it. So many coaches are so focused on winning that they miss what it’s supposed to be all about-touching and guiding young lives God doesn’t care how many championships you have but he does care about how you treat his people. AWESOME job my friend.

Marisa Cervi - Thank you for being a great mentor and helping me find my love for cheerleading.

Alicia Hickman Martinez - This is only our first year and yet it feels like home. We feel lucky to be part of this family called Elite. Thank you for your transparency and genuine passion for the sport and our kids.

Karen Jagot Warznie - Thank you for following your dreams and making sacrifices. We are so lucky to be a part of your Elite family! Here’s to many more successful years!!

Kathy DiMeglio - I remember the early days and all the criticizers. How better it is to understand and embrace than to criticize.  But you prevailed! Congrats!

Elace Winans-Martin - Lea is superhuman!! My kids love her. It’s been 8 years with Elite. Lea M Hebert has made me fight when I thought I had no more fight left in me

Frankie Piccirilli - You’re doing amazing work. Keep it up!

Kim Champine Sullivan - This is our first year at elite. My girls have felt welcomed since the first day they stepped into the door at elite!!! They come home happy and excited and look forward to their next practice. They are loving elite and so is the rest of the family. Thank you coaches for guiding, protecting, and coaching all of the girls.

Tabitha Patrick - You have the best job ever and you are so gifted at what you do! You should be very proud!

Lisa Bova Wyka - Thank you for the dedication and passion and energy! Looking forward to an exciting Elite year!

Emily Droski - Forever thankful for Lea Hebert and Elite Cheer!

Harmonie Gobbet Hernandez - I’m really proud to have watched Lea Hebert from afar as she shaped the lives of these kids! Kept them in a good safe environment and shared life’s lessons. Way to go!!

Theresa Lou - I was there the first year and knew you were going far.  When I think back, the years spent with Elite were the best years.  You and your mom are good honest people.  I love you guys.  I'm proud to say I was there from day 1.

Shay Dean - I’m ridiculously proud of you and so honored to have called Lea Hebert coach, boss, and also friend for the last 10+ years. You have given me more than any other person in my life. I love you and adore you and am so thankful for you! I’m always on your side! Love you!!!

Michelle Kramer - Thank you Lea! Alyssa and I loved our many years at Elite. We made lifelong friendships and had so much fun along the way.

Monica Bommarito - Lea Hebert is inspiring, and we are lucky she had this dream!!! We are just getting started and trying to figure it all out, but very excited to spend many years to come at Elite!!!