Cheer Teams
Elite Cheer Michigan Team Information:
Elite Cheer trains all aspects of the sport of cheerleading.
Which includes: Jumps, Motions, Stunting and Dance
Our teams are made up of athletes through out Michigan and Canada.  
Athletes do NOT need any prior experience to join a team at Elite Cheer.  
Teams are broken down by age and skill level.

Competitive Teams
Season from May to following May

These teams are made up of athletes who are interested in all-star cheerleading.  We have teams ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.  They also range from Local, Semi-Travel to Travel Teams.  For more information, give us a call and we would love to discuss all your options.
Season from Oct – April
These teams are made up of athletes who are interested in cheering to up their skill levels, and gearing them to make their School Cheer Teams or possibly join a competitive team at Elite Cheer Michigan.  These teams will practice 1-2 days per week starting in October and will finish the season doing a showcase at Elite Cheer Michigan.  Athletes that join these teams will NOT compete. They will do a fun choreographed routine which incorporates stunting, tumbling, cheer motions, jumps and dance. Athletes that join Pre-Teams are eligible to still part-take in school sports and functions. This is a great way to train at Michigan's 1st Cheerleading Training Facility in a state of the art 15,000 sq foot cheer gym that is designed to teach and train the sport of cheerleading safely and effectively.
There is NO try-out to be on one of our Pre-Teams.

TEAMS ARE FILLED ON A 1st COME 1st SERVE BASIS!!! Call us at (586)948-5867