At Elite Cheer Michigan, safety is our #1 priority.  Our staff is made up of qualified, certified, professionals with many years of combined coaching experience in the sport of cheerleading & gymnastics.  Head staff members are certified in safety levels through AACCA, the American Association of Cheerleading and Coaches Advisors.  AACCA is the only organization that is recognized by the NCAA for cheerleading safety.  Head staff is also certified for the USASF (United States All Star Federation), which is the unified ruling system for All Star programs throughout the country.  Elite Cheer Michigan is a voting member of NACCC (National All Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress), which serves as the coaches' forum for rule advancement within the All Star Community.  Staff attends annual USASF sponsored Coaches Conferences as a form of continuing the education process and to remain current in the cheer community.  Elite Cheer Michigan staff includes nationally acclaimed stunters and tumblers.  Our results speak for themselves!
Owner - Lea Hebert
Owner, founder of Elite Cheer Michigan, is married to Matt Hebert and has (2) Children Brendan & Brooklyn. Lea Hebert started cheering at the age of 3 years old and was also a competitive gymnast. Lea was awarded All-American Cheerleader multiple times during her own cheerleading days. After graduating high school, she started coaching Varsity cheerleading for a local High School and led her team to a National Championship and many 1st place finishes. Lea opened Michigan’s 1st Cheerleading Training Facility April 2001. She has led her own teams to more than 500 National Championship Titles over hundreds of 1st place finishes, many division championships and many Grand Championship awards. Lea has taken her teams to the Cheerleading Worlds 10 times. Lea has also lead her teams to Multiple Grand Championships at the U.S Finals as well as Fully Paid Summit Bids. Lea spends her summer and fall doing choreography, camps and custom music production for many other gyms and teams throughout the nation. These teams have turned around and won many top place finishes, most entertaining and best choreography awards. Lea Hebert is a National certified judge and has been judging cheer & dance for over 16 years with many competition companies in the country. Lea also judges cheerleading and dance competitions across the world recently in Chile & England. Lea is also a speaker at 
Lea LaGrou
many coaches’ conferences. Lea was nominated as Coach of the year through the “The Coastal Corporation in 2010” Lea was also nominated as All-Star Coach of the country through (SITA)in 2010. Elite Cheer was nominated through the USASF for the prestigious award of "Leadership through Sportsmanship" Elite Cheer – Michigan has been featured on MTV made. Lea was the choreographer for the upcoming remake of the movie “Red Dawn”. Lea & Elite Cheer- Michigan was just recently featured in a 4 page story in the April issue “Cheer Biz News Magazine.” Lea is AACCA certified, CPR Certified & USASF certified in all levels of cheerleading. Why do you love to coach? I love coaching because I like making a difference in each athlete’s life. I enjoy making every athlete feel like a winner, build their confidence and help their self esteem. Every day is a new and exciting challenge, learning how to deal with each and every athlete and their personalities, teaching proper technique in all areas of cheerleading and educating not only my athletes but their families too. I enjoy helping athletes overcome their fears and being part of their personal / team successes and goals that they have set forth. I also love the challenge of helping new coaches and guiding them through the whole process. I take my coaching position very seriously and give 110% every day. I learn something new every time I am coaching. I wouldn’t change what I do. This is my passion, my life and I am living my dream.
Name:  Hannah Bartley
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  8
Background:  Hannah was a cheerleader for 11 years.  She  cheered at Elite for 6 seasons and was on 12 different teams.  She has won 15 national championships titles, been to Cheerleading Worlds 3 times and competed at the US Finals where her and her team took home silver.  She has been coaching at Elite for 5 years and loves helping the kids find a passion for the sport that she fell in love with.
Elite Fun Fact:  Hannah is CPR and first aid certified.  She also works as a lifeguard.
Name:  Anthony Bougard
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  1
Background:  Coming soon.

Elite Fun Fact:  Coming soon.
Name:  Grant Collins
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  8
Background:  Coming soon.

Elite Fun Fact:  Coming soon.
Name:  Caelan “Shay” Dean
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  9
Background:  Shay cheered for 10 years and is now in her second year of coaching.  She is currently USASF certified in levels 1 & 2, and working towards becoming certified in levels 3 – 5.  Shay loves cheerleading because it’s a team-oriented sport that builds lifelong friendships and instills many life skills, such as perseverance, dedication, and discipline.  Shay loves seeing all the athlete’s hard work pay off when they step on the stage at every competition.
Elite Fun Fact:  Shay loves reading, catching up on Netflix and caring for her pets.
Name:  Raechel Leone
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  12
Background:  Raechel cheered on an ELITE team since she was 5 years old.  While on a team at ELITE, she won numerous state, national & grand champion titles.  She also attended The Cheerleading Worlds twice.  During her older years at ELITE, Raechel was a junior coach and also helped with the special needs team.  She then cheered at Grand Valley State University on the All Girl team, where she was named the junior captain as a freshman.  She came back to coach at ELITE in 2017.  Raechel loves cheer because of the friends & memories that you make.
Elite Fun Fact:  Raechel is a physician assistant student at the University of Detroit Mercy.
Name:  Amber Rose
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  3 
Background:  Amber was a cheerleader for 10 years.  She cheered at Elite Cheer Michigan for 5 seasons and went to the Cheerleading Worlds twice before moving on to become a collegiate cheerleader at Grand Valley State University.  While in college, Amber spent two years coaching at Cheer Company of Michigan in Grand Rapids.  She loves helping our athletes grow and develop their passion for cheerleading.
Elite Fun Fact:  Amber is a special education teacher at Dakota High School.
Name:  Carly Szpiech
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  5
Background:  Carly started her cheerleading career in 1990 competing at the junior high and then high school level. She then obtained her BS from WSU in 2005 with a major in kinesiology and minor in health. She has been employed as a competitive cheerleading coach from 1997 to present encompassing 7th grade through senior high school levels within Utica and Chippewa Valley School Districts. Carly took a brief sabbatical in 2010 to marry her husband Ray and start a family.  She returned to the cheer circuit in 2014 as an MCJA certified judge as well as becoming a coach for Elite Cheer in 2015. Cheerleading has been an integral and rewarding part of Carly’s youth and adult years but her greatest joy is watching her daughter Ella compete at Elite Cheer Michigan.
Elite Fun Fact:   Carly is a proud mother of  Ella and  Easton. 
Junior Coaches
Name:  Regan Harris
Title:  Junior Coach
Years @ Elite:  ? 
Background:  Regan has an infectious spirit that lights up our gym.  She has competed on several of our level 5 teams and has also competed at the The Cheerleading Worlds.  Regan has excelled at tumbling and provides a great insight to our younger cheerleaders.

Elite Fun Fact:  Regan has two sisters, Lacey and Kadance, that have also cheered at ELITE CHEER MICHIGAN.
Name:  Alyssa Miller
Title:  Junior Coach
Years @ Elite:  12 
Background:  Alyssa has been cheering at ELITE for the past 12 years.  She started when she was 5 years old and has been a part of 18 different teams.  Alyssa was a flyer for 8 years.  During her last year as a flyer she competed at The Cheerleading Worlds.  She has won many local, state and national titles.  This is Alyssa's 2nd year coaching.  She loves seeing the smiles on younger athletes after she has helped them gain new skills.

Elite Fun Fact:  Alyssa loves traveling and being adventurous.
Name:  Haley Radoicic
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  3 
Background:  Haley started her ELITE CHEER MICHIGAN experience later than most athletes.  In only her second year at Elite, Haley was originally an alternate for our Level 5 Worlds team, but due to an injury she was put onto the team.  Haley has one of  the most positive attitudes of anyone you will ever meet. She enjoys working with our younger athletes and inpiring them to new levels.​
Elite Fun Fact:  Haley is the last ELITE CHEER MICHIGAN cheerleader to compete at The Cheerleading Worlds and The Summit in the same year.
Name:  Madison Thomas
Title:  Coach
Years @ Elite:  15 
Background:  Madison started classes at ELITE CHEER when she was 3 years old and she has been here ever since.  She started on pre-team and eventually worked her way up to the level 5 team.  Her favorite part about cheerleading is the friendships that are made while traveling to all the competitions.  Maddy loves coaching kids and sharing the love she has for this sport.

Elite Fun Fact:  Madison is attending Michigan State University.  Go Green.  Go White.
Front Desk
Name:  Kim Platevoet
Title:  Front Desk
Years @ Elite:  4
Background:  Kim has been friends for years with owner Lea Hebert prior to working at Elite.  Kim brings an amazing and infectious personality to our front desk.  
Elite Fun Fact:  Kim was a bus driver for several years.
Name:  Shawna Waters
Title:  Front Desk
Years @ Elite:  
Elite Fun Fact:  Shawna is a reality show junkie.
Name:  Pam LaGrou
Title:  Travel Coordinator
Years @ Elite:  Since day 1
Background:  Pam is the proud mother of owner Lea LaGrou.  She loves watching her grandson Brendan and her granddaughter Brooklyn compete in cheerleading.  Pam handles all the Elite Cheer Michigan travel logistics.  
Elite Fun Fact:  Pam has a "masters degree" in putting rhinestones on clothing.
Booster Club
Cheryl Droski